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Dinero Bootcamp

Ponte las pilas and join Suma at the “it” place to be this summer – THE DINERO BOOTCAMP! A disruptive opportunity to create community and ignite the fuel for prosperity.

What you’ll learn

  • Week 1 (July 26 – July 31): “The Induction: Finances 101”

    Introduction to the four pillars – budgeting, credit cards and loans, credit scores, and investments/ retirement.

  • Weeks 2 – 5 (Aug 2 – Aug 7): “The 4 Pillars: Deep Dive”

    Let’s apply the concepts from week 1 to everyday life! Sure, dinero doesn’t grow on trees, but if you learn the rules and how to maneuver them, you will be able to handle your dinero and be ballin’ in no time.


We’re going all out to offer YOU free financial tools, tips and training plus exclusive Dinero perks & freebies to help you become a baller!

A FREE fest of knowledge that even your abuelita would be mad if you miss out on this summer. So here are the deets you need to know:

Phase 1 starts July 26-31. After completing phase 1 you will have the opportunity to take on Phase 2, a four week mission that ends on August 27, 2021. It’s all online to fit your schedule.

Mij@, Suma will count on you to share these dinero hacks with at least 5 of your crew members (friends, familia, and community).

All are welcome to apply! L.A. Latin@s ages 18-24, we are especially looking for you.

*SPOILER ALERT our partners, have some pretty dope offers you don’t want to miss out on.

Key Takeaways

Gain confidence in managing your dinero and stay on track. Don’t let the weekend make you bring out el ahorrito!

Take action on the things you learn by:

  • Creating a budget

  • Reducing los headaches (aka debt)

  • Increasing savings

  • Getting financial assets (building that generational wealth)

Don’t waste your time scrolling through your prima’s chisme. Unlock these offers from our partners and share the knowledge con la familia and your crew!

Duration: 1-5 weeks; Max 6 hours/ week