We know we are not the only ones tuning in to watch #WandaVisionfinale today! Porque as you might have heard Disney Plus crashed today. Pero have you heard about #DineroVision? 🤑👀 Sí, It’s real! Even our #moneymoves queen @iamcardib knows about it!

According to Money Ning, visualization trains you to change your thinking and feelings so that, in turn, you can change your behavior. This applies to our money life too! So when you visualize yourself in a position of financial abundance and you are constantly reminding yourself that you are capable of achieving your financial goals your brain will work in your favor. 🧠

Pero un moment chamac@! It’s not just about envisioning your future of financial freedom, you must take action and continue to vividly envision what this future of yours looks like so that your brain can signal you of the things you must do to make your financial goals come true!

Por que como dice tu mami, el que no habla (even if it’s to yourself) Dios no lo oye. So tell us, what does your Dinero Vision look like? 💰💪🏽👇🏽

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