Growing up with a Latina mom is no joke. 😳 Pero between all the guilt trips, random theories on what makes you sick and the chisme about the ti@s, your mom actually gave some great advice. 😘So, she would def be like “Oye, mij@! Get una investment account, ahora!”


But you know, Ma, it’s a process. ✍🏽 As mentioned by @investopedia here are the steps you would need to open up an investment account. 

  • Choose a type of investing Account (Decídete mijito)
  • Escoge the pro’s and con’s de tu account (Te lo digo por tu bien)
  • Choose lo que Best Fits Your Needs (Ponte zapatos o te vas a enfermar!)
  • Complete an Application (Porque yo lo digo!)
  • Deposit Dinero and Start Investing (Porque cuando yo me muera…)


Your mom hears you, though, and she’s only got one thing to say: “Ponte las pilas mij@!” 🙌🏽Aw, Ma…