When’s the last time you watched the @JLo ➕ @Maluma “Pa’Ti” video 🎥? Just in case it’s been a minute: In the video, JLo is a high roller 💎 and Maluma, pues, not so much. Seeing that lifestyle contrast got us thinking about how los ricos 💰 budget as opposed to those of us who aren’t rich or at least not yet. 🤔


A lot of us who aren’t rich seem to think that budgeting is just about adding our expenses 🧮 and subtracting those expenses from our income. But what about what’s left over? Are we budgeting that money too because, here’s the secret,  that’s exactly what rich people do! 


Los Ricos budget in percentages because as @thebalancecom points out, “Making a budget based on percentages ensures that you’re giving every dollar of your income a job.”💯 That means that whatever money is left over after you cover expenses isn’t just there for you to spend, it’s there for you to invest! 💸


Money you invest is pa’ti and pa’tu futuro, so let’s work on reducing ↘️ what we spend on needs and wants so we can increase ↗️ how much we invest because we’re trying to live that J.Lo life in the “Pa’Ti” video. 


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Source: https://www.thebalance.com/how-to-figure-out-budget-percentages-for-money-goals-4171689